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About the Japanese jewel beetles(タマムシについての言われ)

The Japanese Jewel beetle is very beautiful  that appears in the summer. In the high places of giant trees of cherry blossoms and Celtis, we  can sometimes see them flying while shining brightly.

Because it stands out well, there are various stories.

A lot of the wings of this beetle are pasted on Tamamushi Shrine, a national treasure of Horyuji Temple in Nara.

Also, it is said that if you put this insect in a chest of drawers, you will not have any trouble with your clothes. However, I also feel that if I put the dead insects in a chest of drawers, clothes may be damaged by pests.

The beetle species is not so rare in Japan, but it seems to be rare enough to be listed on the Red List in Korea.


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