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Month: December 2021

Osaka people are supported by the water of Lake Biwa(大阪人は琵琶湖の水に支えられている)

In Japan, the rainy season is usually from June to mid-July, and then the drought continues until the end of August. In the land where the water source is uncertain, some measures have been taken such as constructing a dam….

The marriage of a fox

Sometimes we see it raining even though the sun is shining. In Japan, it is called “the marriage of a fox.” In Japan, the fox is regarded as a bad animal that deceives humans . The saying is probably related to…

Stupid decree issued by a dog lover’s general?(愛犬家の将軍による馬鹿な法令?)

In the 15th century, shortly after the center of politics moved to Edo (now Tokyo), Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, who was born in the year of the dog and was also a dog lover, issued an order not to kill any…

How to find out where the picture of Mt. Fuji was taken(どこから撮影した富士山か知る方法)

Mt. Fuji is a very beautiful mountain, but it is not symmetrical. There is a circular crater at the top, but the height is different. The highest point in the west, this is the highest point in the Japanese archipelago….

The radio gymnastics(ラジオ体操)

I think it’s good to wake up in the morning and do gymnastics as the beginning of the day. Japanese people all learn the radio gymnastics in elementary school, so any Japanese knows it. But when I was a child,…

About the Japanese jewel beetles(タマムシについての言われ)

The Japanese Jewel beetle is very beautiful  that appears in the summer. In the high places of giant trees of cherry blossoms and Celtis, we  can sometimes see them flying while shining brightly. Because it stands out well, there are…