Nature & Culture of Japan

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Autumn at Nikko Botanical Garden, University of Tokyo(東京大学日光植物園の秋)

I wrote about the beauty of autumn in Nikko, Tochigi prefecture earlier. There is a botanical garden of the University of Tokyo in Nikko, which is also a cozy place and is recommended. Autumn is probably the most beautiful.

Secret Buddha statues (秘仏)

There are statues in Buddhist temples, and people pray in front of them. These are the center of faith. Usually, there are many Buddha statues in a temple. One of them is designated as the principal statue (本尊). However, sometimes…

Meaning of Japanese place names

From a global perspective, the origin of place names varies and is often unknown. Washington DC in the United States is based on G. Washington, the first president of the United States, but the origin of the place names are…