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We can’t meet bears in the mountains of Japan

Of the four major Japanese islands, the brown bear is  distributed only in Hokkaido. And the black bear is distributed in Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.

I have been a field worker for about 30 years, but until recently I had never met a bear for a long time. I’ve been to the mountains of Hokkaido many times, but I could not meet them.  I was ringing a bell to avoid them, because meeting bears was actually dangerous.

In August of this year (2021), I for the first time met a black bear on the Tango Peninsula in Kyoto Prefecture.

I thought anyone was doing something in the grass. But what came out was all black. It was a baby bear.

The black bear is extinct in Kyushu, and there are only dozens population in Shikoku.

The wild field is getting ruined just for the convenience of people. ,The lives that originally lived there were driven away.

Unless the majority of people realize that it is a human ego, the decline in the natural environment will continue unstoppable.

A stuffed black bear.


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