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Let’s eat raw fish deliciously

As to Japanese custom , what surprises people from overseas is that Japanese people like to eat anything raw.

They think they may fed old things and get stomachache. However, although I was born and raised in Japan for about 50 years, I have never had such an experience, at least eating in restaurants.

Only once a raw egg on rice made me stomachache. But this was due to the raw eggs which were not stored well at home by myself.

Therefore, I wish you will eat raw things at a Japanese restaurants without any worry.

Raw fish is better when it is as fresh as possible. I like to eat one in the port town.

Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture is a rather small town. Among the cities in Japan, the largest amount of seafood from the sea is landed there. Because the seaport and train station are situated close to each other, you can easily visit restaurants around the seaport with fresh seafood.

There is no Shinkansen station there. You can only enjoy this kind of fun through the slow trip between Tokyo and Nagoya.

Yaizu Sea port
Raw dishes of sakura shrimp (left) and bonito (right). It is delicious to eat with wasabi and soy sauce. They go well with dry Japanese sake.


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