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New Zen Buddhism = Manpukuji Temple of Obaku Buddhism (Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture)新しい禅宗=黄檗宗の萬福寺(京都府宇治市)

Of the Buddhist denominations that emphasize zazen in Japan, the Rinzai sect and the Soto sect have existed since the 13th century, while the Obaku sect is a new Buddhist sect that was opened in the 17th century with Chinese monks.

In Japan, sutras are usually read by strongly replacing Chinese with Japanese-style pronunciation. But in Obaku sect, they are read with pronunciation close to modern Chinese.

The building of Manpukuji Temple in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, which is the center of the Obaku sect , also has a Chinese-style hue compared to traditional Japanese temples.


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