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Ginkgo (1)

In Japan, this tree is often planted anywhere including urban parks.

The tree of Tokyo is this. We can see a similar design at the Metropolitan traffic. I used to think it was a ginkgo leaf. But I heard that it is not ginkgo, but is drawn for a different meaning.

It is often planted in temples. The reason is that a ginkgo tree contains a lot of water and is difficult to burn. When you touch the fallen leaves of ginkgo, you can feel somewhat moist.

It is native to China and was introduced to Japan in the 15th century. No, should I say it reappeared, because there is a fossil record about 1 million years ago in Japan.

The scientific name is ️Ginkgo biloba. The first half is based on the Japanese reading of the Chinese character 銀杏 meaning Ginkgo. It is known to the West based on ones found in Japan. However, Ginkgo does not make sense in Japanese. They say someone misspelled Ginkyo.


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