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Zen and judo

Judo, which is one of the events of the Olympic Games, is a sport of Japanese origin. In Japan, everyone experiences Judo in physical education at junior high school and high school.

If you let him fall on his back vigorously, you win. However, you must not attack him agglesively, because he may utilize your momentum to make you fall on your back first. The Japanese name “soft competition” has such a meaning.  Rigidity does not always mean strong.

Realizing a greed may lead you to lose at the end. This idea is common with Zen and Buddhism that has influenced Japanese culture since the Middle Ages. 

Hibari Misora’s “Yawara” is a song that every Japanese knows.

“Don’t think you win. If you think so, you will lose.”

It starts with the lyrics.

If you come to Japan, you should sing this song at karaoke. I am sure that you will be acclaimed.


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