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An easy and healthy dish in Beppu Onsen “Jigoku Mushi”(地獄蒸)

I like hot springs. I wrote some articles before.

Beppu in Oita Prefecture is famous for hot springs nationwide, and is also called “Hot spring capital”. They say that there are the most types of hot springs in Japan.

Here, “Jigoku Mushi (hell steam dishes)” is known as the local special dish.

At the inns in  Kannawa Onsen where the accommodation costs are low, you can cook your own Jigokumushi. Cooking is very simple, just cut the ingredients and put them into a geothermal kettle.

You might think that similar dishes could be cooked at home with a bamboo steamer. However, they taste different. This is because the mineral components of the hot springs soak into the ingredients.

Especially the freshly cooked rice is very delicious.


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