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Vermont Curry

The curry rice with a Japanese style arrangement is different from the original Indian one. Adults and children in Japan both like it. Easy to make and delicious.

Vermont Curry has once become a hot topic with visitors from North America. For them, the combination of cool Vermont State and hot Indian food was confusing.

Because of a TV commercial by a singer named Hideki Saijo who used to be very popular, almost all Japanese people know it. It is imprinted in my mind along with the his word “秀樹感激!Hideki kangeki! (= Hideki is very impressed!)”. Anyway, it’s so familiar to me that I’ve never even wondered why it got this name.

According to the manufacturer’s site, the following is the reason why the curry was named Vermont.

(1) This curry contains apples and honey as a seasoning to increase the sweetness so that even children can eat it.

(2) At that time, a health method from Vermont called “honeygar” using apple cider vinegar and honey was popular in the United States and Japan.

That is all.


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