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A cricket species telling us to prepare for winter

Because there are many speies of crickets in Japan, it is difficult to tell the speies name from their songs. However, when it can be overcome by training, there are various discoveries.

In Japan, there are some crikets which repeat the sound of “li”. Among them, the cricket species which repeat 4 times are most common, but one species repeat many times.

↓ A song by Scientiic name is Velarifictorus micado. Otsu, Shiga 2 Sept,, 2021 4 seconds

Scientiic name is Velarifictorus micado, and the Japanese name is “Tsuduresase-korogi”. The straight meaning of the name is “repare torn clothing with needles and threads”. It may seem strange, but it’s said that once it starts singing, it’s urging us to prepare for winter, even though autumn has just begun, as winter is definitely approaching.

In the present time, we don’t have to prepare for a cold winter so much, but it used to be a lot of work.

as the fall beginning, a cricket started to sing, telling us to prepare for the winter


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