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Emperor Ladybug

The ladybugs named after the emperor mentioned earlier (here). The scientific name is Chlocorus mikado. Its size is 3 mm, color is entirely black, and the shape is round.

It used to be a rare beetle, but since it was found that they overwinter on the leaves of Quercus gilva, it has been found to be distributed here and there.

However, observing tall leaves is not easy. I looked up at the tree with my binoculars, which made my neck very tired.

I thought that it fell when I shook the branch. But it sticked to the back of the leaf and did not leave. It seems that there is some special structure on the surface of the leg.

Quercus gilva is an acorn tree, but it is rarely seen. Since Nara Park is a place with a lot of Quercus gilva, it is recommended for observing this beetle.

Season: December-February

Emperor Ladybug
Emperor Ladybug on leaves of Quercus gilva
Observation with binoculars


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