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The only Slovenian restaurant in Japan “Pikapolonca” with the ladybugs(日本唯一のスロベニア料理店=テントウムシ=ピカポロンツァ)

When I hear of Slovenia, it was hard for me and probably any Japanese people to imagine where it was. Even if you hear that it is a country of the former Yugoslavia, unfortunately there are very few information  that come up to our mind.

Because I happend to heard that the only Slovenian restaurant in Japan is in Kyoto, I went there.

There may be spiciness and a peculiar smell in ethnic dishes, but there is no such thing in Slovenian dishes. I felt it was very familiar.

The owner was studying mathematics at university when he was young and he obtained a doctorate from Kyoto University. I think he comes to like Kyoto and continues to live there.



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