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Japanese Jomon culture (1) Humorous clay figurines 日本の縄文文化(その1) ユーモラスな土偶

The glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago. Then humankind, which had already spread all over the world, has blossomed civilization in various places. So-called four major civilizations have emerged in the Middle East and Asia.

In Japan, various relics such as earthenware and clay figurines have been excavated in the period called the Jomon period. However, unfortunately, there are no written records in Japan because people did not have letters until the introduction of Chinese characters in the 5th century. Some researchers have stated that there was a civilization comparable to the four major civilizations. In fact, some clay figurines are very artistic. It is also known that the earthenware found in Japan is the oldest in the world.

A clay figure from the Jomon period. Resorce unknow. I took a picture in a museum.

A  very humorous clay figurine was found in Kamegaoka Heritage of Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture. The real thing is stored in the Tokyo National Museum, but a large monument stands at the site of the ruins.

Why not visit there and feel the ancient cultural wind.

An enlarged monument of the famous clay figure.


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