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A simulated castle tower in Sumoto, Awaji Is., Hyogo Pref. (兵庫県淡路島・洲本城の模擬天守)

The castle is often a symbol of the city and is important for tourism, so it is often rebuilt with the exceptions of Tokyo and Kyoto mentioned before.

Until the middle of the 20th century, Nagoya Castle in Nagoya was an existing original castle tower where the castle before the Meiji Restoration remained. However, it was destroyed by fire in the air raid on Nagoya at the end of World War II. I will continue to oppose wars that damage both cultural properties and human lives.

Fortunately, the literatures on Nagoya Castle were left behind, so after the war, it was rebuilt while being reinforced concrete.

On the other hand, even if the literatures are not sufficiently remained, some castles are rebuilt symbolically and imaginally. Sumoto Castle in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture is one such example. Built in 1928, it is the oldest simulated castle tower. Seen from the city of Sumoto, it looks like a magnificent castle, but when you actually go there, it’s just an observatory.

Sumoto Castle


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