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Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo(東京明治神宮野球場)

Like Koshien, this is a mecca for student baseball. I feel something sacred. Dome stadiums where games are played in the rain are no good. I think baseball is a sport that stops when it rains.

This is the home of the professional baseball team Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

I’m a fan of the Hanshin Tigers, so I’ve been here three times to watch the Hanshin Tigers. It seems that there are many single employees from Kansai to Tokyo, and there are many Hanshin Tigers fans made me feel that this was like Koshien.

From the Nippon Seinenkan Hotel (, if the direction of the guest room is good, you can see the inside of the Meiji Jingu Stadium very well.

A view from Nippon Seinenkan Hotel


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