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Chinatown in Yokohama

Yokohama is a city that has developed as the outer port of Tokyo. It is often contrasted with Kobe, which has a similar history as the outer port of Osaka. But Yokohama is larger in many ways in terms of scale.

Both Yokohama and Kobe have Chinatown. The number of stores and restaurants are more in Yokohama than in Kobe.

I want to know if Chinese tourists visiting Japan like to go to Chinatown.

Because there are few Japantowns in the world, I have never been to any Japantown. But I went to Chinatown in New York and London. The main reason was that I missed rice. In Chinese people and Japanese people, additionally to having similar appearances, there are many commonalities as East Asian. I strongly feel that we are different from the West.


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