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The Meaning of “Tsunokakushi”, a hat for women on wedding

Gender equality is being promoted worldwide. But Japan is one of the lagging countries. It used to be typical for women to do housework and raise children at home after marriage and for men to go out to work and feed their wives and children.

Marriage for women meant to be chosen by men. For this reason, women were required to be graceful from early age. There was really a so-called tomboy, but such a girl was always accused by being said by old ladies that she would not get married if not to stop being a tomboy.

The hat that women wear at Japanese weddings is called “Tsunokakushi”. Tsuno is horns and kakushi is a hiding device. The horns are symbolic protrusions that grow on the head of a demon 《鬼》(refer to link below). The real meaning of the wedding hat is to hide the tomboy’s nature until the wedding is over, that is, until it is confirmed that she got to be chosen by him who would prefer graceful women.

In Japan, women’s social advancement is progressing rapidly. That is good. But there are many women in companies who are having hard times on working, because the system and the way of thinking of their superiors cannot keep up.


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