Nature & Culture of Japan

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Human society before farming was peaceful

In Japan, the Paleolithic period in the glacial period ended 10,000 years ago. Before farming began a few thousand years ago, hunting life was long practiced under a warm climate. It was around this time that t The oldest pottery in the world were produced beside the hunting. Animals and nuts collected in the field and the sea were probably boiled in this pottery and shared equally among people.

The examination of the scars on the human bones cleared that people did not fight each other during this time. When farming began in the next period, wars started and increased for water for cultivation and crops. Later, around the 3rd century, large tombs began to be built, indicating that the winner had great power due to the difference between rich and poor as the result of wars.

The history of such greedy human race and waste continues to escalate to the national level until today.

A sustainable society is being called for. However, I think that it is impossible for human beings to realize it in the true sense unless they return to before farming. It’s not realistic to get back there from now on. But anyway, I think that human beings have no future unless we learn from the past.

Hashihaka Tomb, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture. It was created for him/her in power around the 3rd and 4th centuries. Some say that this is the tomb of Empress Himiko, who we can find in the oldest concrete description of Japan in “Records of Three Kingdoms” of China.


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