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You can see ancient dragonflies in Japan

There are two types of dragonflies.

One is a group of damselflies. Their bodies are thin and flutters.

The other group includes darners and red dragonflies: Their bodies are solid and fly fast.

To tell the truth, there is the third type of dragonfly. They are the intermediate type of the two above: Their wings are similar to the former, but their bodies are similar to the latter. Fossil records tell us that they were all over the world during the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs lived. They still survive slightly in the Himalayas, northeastern China and Japan.

This dragonfly species, Epiophlebia superstes in scientific name, can be seen in the rivers of the mountains in May in Japan. If you have a chance, please go see them. However, despite having a delicate body, they fly very quickly, so I think it’s quite difficult to find them.

I have met one at Kibune, Kyoto in May 1996



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